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Temples in Taipei #photothrowback

Temples in Taipei (May 2012)

Temples in Taipei (May 2012)

Taiwan’s Dream Parade #photography

The Dream Parade is a reminder of why I always travel with a camera … especially in Taipei.

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Change of the Season(s)

Remember that song “All Four Seasons” by Sting? You can get the same experience without the gushy love song feelings … just get a  job where you constantly travel.

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In Flight Socks

It’s surprisingly hard to buy a pair of socks in an airport.
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The Overhead Compartment Blues

As a frequent flyer I need to discuss how the overhead compartment has been ruined by stupid airline fees, shy airline staff and clueless passengers.

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Warning from Taipei

If you take the gondola ride, watch for flying strollers 😮
Part of the “Taipei Oct 2011” set on Flickr.