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Don’t Underestimate France #paris

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris made me reflect on my last trip to France, and how we don’t give enough credit to the French when it comes to war.

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Photo Throwback – Les Machines de l’île #photography #france

The Great Elephant. The Machines of the Isle of Nantes (Les Machines de l’île). Nantes, France (Nov 2013).


Irish Bars in France

So this American walks into an Irish bar in France … well, four of them.

Not a great setup for a joke, but a pretty accurate way to describe my weekend in Nantes.

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The Sad State of the American Credit Card

Thanks to recent travels in France, I have a new insult … “as useless as an American Express card in Europe.” Read more

Global Nerds

It’s official. We’ve taken over the world.

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Not Every Day Is A Vacation

Welcome to Nantes, France. OK, maybe that isn’t entirely true. Welcome to a Best Western at the end of the #75 bus line, which is a 15 minute walk to my company’s local office, which is in the suburbs of Nantes.

It’s a bit like people in Norcross welcoming you to Atlanta.

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