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Reflections of Seattle #photothrowback

Suzan and I are heading to Seattle next week, so it’s time to look back on our last trip. We’re going to spend some time on the coast, so expect many shots from the ferry.


Fountain in Seattle #photothrowback


Playing with high shutter speeds, using a 50mm lens. July 2011 in Seattle.

Photo Throwback: Munich #photography #germany

Drum corps in Munich, Germany (2011).





Buckets of Friends

Over the long history of mankind, people mark the passing of the seasons with various traditions … decorating dead conifers, taking candy from strangers, getting drunk in Savannah under the guise of cultural heritage. I know it’s Thanksgiving Eve when I’m placing a turkey into a bucket on my back porch. Read more

Warning from Taipei

If you take the gondola ride, watch for flying strollers 😮
Part of the “Taipei Oct 2011” set on Flickr.

It’s that time again

This blog is just over ten years old. That means it’s time once again to think about September 11, 2011. It’s easy to remember how I felt watching everything from my hotel room in Tokyo, because I wrote about it.
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