Portland Rose Garden #photography #photothrowback

Portland Rose Garden (June 2013)

Back in 2013, I decided I needed a new pocket camera … which happened when I was heading to Portland for the weekend. The Oregon Rose Garden was a perfect place to take my new toy for a spin.

Portland Rose Garden (June 2013)

Portland Rose Garden (June 2013)

I love the color and detail in these photos, especially since I only paid $220 for the camera.

Jazz In Taipei #photography #photothrowback


I’m spending the weekend making music with friends, so it seems like a good time to reflect on making music while I travel.

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Photo Throwback – Flaming Drinks in Taipei #photography

Casper @ Ounce Taipei

Casper, bartender at Ounce Taipei (October 2014).


Photo Throwback – Les Machines de l’île #photography #france


The Great Elephant. The Machines of the Isle of Nantes (Les Machines de l’île). Nantes, France (Nov 2013).


Photo Throwback – Pomplamoose in Atlanta #photography


Pomplamoose @ Terminal West, Atlanta. October 1, 2014.Pomplamoose

Shanghai at Night #photography


I still have a lot to learn about Shanghai. So far, I know it’s beautiful at night.

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