Worldwide Blues #travel #madrid

La Coquette

My recent vacation in Madrid featured many surprises. One of them was in a blues bar. Read more

Georgia and the so-called ‘Preservation of Religious Freedom Act’

To: Representative Tom Kirby (GA District 114) and Senator Bill Cowsert (GA District 46):

As my elected representatives, I am asking that you vote against the ‘Preservation of Religious Freedom Act’ currently under review by the House and Senate Judiciary Committees (HB 1023 and SB 377) if it comes to a general vote. These bills are similar to a bill recently voted on in Arizona. I believe these bills are in conflict with the Constitutions of the Unites States and the State of Georgia, which make them indefensible in a court of law. Read more

Raiders of the Lost Septum

Arnold is an out of network provider.

It’s been one week since I had my sinus surgery. Things aren’t exactly back to normal, but I am on the less-stuffy road to recovery.

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Fantastic Voyage 2: My Nose

not my actual doctor

After several days of ice and snow in Atlanta, most people are ready to get out of the house. For me, it’s practice for being a couch potato as I recover from surgery.

Nobody panic … it’s not a big deal. I’m just paying a medical professional to pick my nose.

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Why am I *still* in this hotel room?

Classic Plane

This is one of those times when I talk to myself in an annoyed voice. Alone. In a bad hotel. Read more



The beginning of the year is a weird time to think about endings. Hard to tell if that’s bad luck or perfect timing. Read more