Eugie, Tom, Creation and Connection


I’ve thought a lot recently about connecting with people. Some of this comes from working with technology, but a lot of it comes from two recent deaths. One connected to me through his voice, another connected to me through her words. Both haunt me in weird ways. Read more

Worldwide Blues #travel #madrid

La Coquette

My recent vacation in Madrid featured many surprises. One of them was in a blues bar. Read more

Georgia and the so-called ‘Preservation of Religious Freedom Act’

To: Representative Tom Kirby (GA District 114) and Senator Bill Cowsert (GA District 46):

As my elected representatives, I am asking that you vote against the ‘Preservation of Religious Freedom Act’ currently under review by the House and Senate Judiciary Committees (HB 1023 and SB 377) if it comes to a general vote. These bills are similar to a bill recently voted on in Arizona. I believe these bills are in conflict with the Constitutions of the Unites States and the State of Georgia, which make them indefensible in a court of law. Read more

Raiders of the Lost Septum

Arnold is an out of network provider.

It’s been one week since I had my sinus surgery. Things aren’t exactly back to normal, but I am on the less-stuffy road to recovery.

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Fantastic Voyage 2: My Nose

not my actual doctor

After several days of ice and snow in Atlanta, most people are ready to get out of the house. For me, it’s practice for being a couch potato as I recover from surgery.

Nobody panic … it’s not a big deal. I’m just paying a medical professional to pick my nose.

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Why am I *still* in this hotel room?

Classic Plane

This is one of those times when I talk to myself in an annoyed voice. Alone. In a bad hotel. Read more